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Go Roadrunners !!!

 Last updated:5/31/2016

Congratulations to the track team for taking 2nd place overall in the AA division. Also congratulations to the 6th grade girls, 7th grade boys and 8th grade girls - champions of their grade/gender in the AA track division.


Welcome to St. Anthony of Renton, Washington CYO website.  Here you will find information regarding the sports programs offered by St. Anthony CYO.  Click on the links on the left to navigate this site.

St. Anthony CYO is dedicated to ministering youth to allow them to grow in faith, increase their self-confidence, self-awareness, interpersonal competence and sense of caring for others through athletics and sportsmanship. CYO offers soccer and cross country for grades K-8 in the fall (scheduled to not conflict with each other for those wanting to participate in both), basketball for grades 4-8 in the early winter, volleyball for grades 4-8 in the late winter/early spring, baseball for grades 5-8 and track for grades 4-8 in the spring and basketball for grade 3 in the late spring. 

Washington state has two important laws regarding youth safety. Those laws require coaches, parents and athletes to be aware of concussion and cardiac arrest risks and protocol.

The following pamphlets needs to be read and understood and the Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Agreement form needs to be signed by both the athlete and parent and returned to their coach.

       Concussion Information Sheet

       Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Sheet

       Athlete/Parent Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Agreement